Gold Aviator Day Time Blue Blocking Glasses

Our Aviator frames with Day Swannies blue light filtering lens technology are a perfect combination of style and functionality, blocking harmful blue light spectrum while still allowing beneficial spectrums of blue light through. Providing style for both men and women, you’ll look your best while wearing these Day Swannies blue light blocking glasses throughout your busy day.

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  • Protects against symptoms of digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome.
  • Allows a natural level of blue light exposure needed for optimal productivity during the day.
  • Work longer without tiredness or eye fatigue.
  • Block the most harmful wavelengths of the blue light spectrum found between 400-450nm.

What is the difference between Day and Night Swannies

Night Swannies (orange lens) block more than 99% of blue light between 400-500nm and are designed for wearing before bed time. This is because blue light from 450-480nm has been shown to prevent the body from naturally producing melatonin.

At night time, blue light exposure should be limited as much as possible so that your body can get ready for sleep.

Day Swannies (clear lens) are designed specifically for wearing while using screens during the daytime. They block 45-98% of blue light in what studies have found to be the most harmful part of the blue light spectrum between 400-450nm.

Day Swannies allow a natural level of exposure between 450-500nm, giving your body the signals it needs to stay awake during the daytime and allow you to perform at your best.

A natural level of blue light during daytime boosts alertness, memory and brain function. Day Swannies afford these benefits while protecting against harmful rays from computer screens etc., which can lead to digital eye strain.

When you combine a healthy level of blue light during the day and limit your exposure to all blue light at night, this will help regulate your sleep/wake cycle to help you optimize both your sleep and waking hours.


Eyes definitely more relaxed - Paul H.

My eyes definitely feel more relaxed since using these while looking at screens.

These really work! - Mariam L.

I bought these because I was having trouble sleeping with the change in lifestyle from covid, and I noticed that I feel much less "wired" after a full day of meetings with these on PLUS they look really cool! I love how smart they make me look :)

Amazing frames - Melvin S.

These aviators are amazing. I have dry eyes and this helps me use way less eye drops during the day. Plus they look great and feel lightweight. Unfortunately I did bend it out of shape accidentally after slipping and haven’t been able to mold it back into shape. They do have a bit of a yellowish tint but look clear in the sunlight. If you’re looking for something stylish but also functional in blocking blue light these shades are it!

Usage Guide

Swannies Blue Light Glasses For Sleep

Too much exposure to harmful rays of high energy blue light from digital screens, light bulbs, led lighting, and other digital devices, can lead to tired eyes, headaches, blurry vision, and worse: It can disrupt sleep patterns ultimately leading to a whole host of other problems.

To optimize your sleep, Night Swannies blue light blocking glasses should be worn at least 1-2 hours before bedtime continuously. Blue light emitted from digital devices is all around. But when wearing Swannies, blue light filters through our proprietary lenses, meaning less blue light actually touches the receptors in your eyes.

For 1-2 hours (or more) before bedtime, try not to take them off at all until you have turned off all lights and digital devices, and are already in bed ready to sleep. Even a small doze of blue light is too much if you're wanting to get quality sleep.

Some people find better results from wearing Swannies even earlier to filter blue light longer, and we encourage you to experiment to find what works for you. Everyone is different, and how much blue light you take in is largely determined by how much time you spend in front of a computer screen, looking at your phone or other digital devices, and whether the lights in your environment are designed to produce less blue light.

Swannies For Blue Light Protection

Night Swannies blue light blocking glasses can also be used during the day to protect your eyes from excessive blue light exposure. For example, when using digital devices for prolonged periods, you can wear Swannies blue light protection glasses to minimize eye strain, prevent headaches and digital eye fatigue.

We do not recommend you wear Night Swannies blue light glasses continuously the whole day.

Take regular breaks and allow some natural light exposure to ensure your body knows it's daytime. During the day, it's not good to block blue light to the degree that Night Swannies do continuously.

If you want extended protection during the daytime, we recommend our Day Swannies clear blue light glasses, which can be worn continuously, all day.