Partner Offers

We love FAMILY-SAFE CLEANING that’s bleach-strength!  Meet the tiny appliance that converts salt, water & vinegar into a super powerful multi-surface cleaner as effective as bleach. No quats, no alcohol, no bleach, no scary stuff.

From the founders of the Honest Company, experience pure and potent wellbeing essentials for skin, body and mind. We don’t recommend many CBD/Hemp products due the nature of how hemp is harvested and full of harmful heavy metals. Prima’s CBD products that are backed by science and tested for purity. They’re built by nature to help you combat stress and target issues at their source… So you can feel better, every day. Use promo code SWELL to save 20%.

Wellness is knowing what is in your water. We’ve partnered with TapScore to help improve your SwellScore with understanding what’s in your water and then choosing the best water filtration system to fit your needs. You can analyze your water for chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria and much more. Use promo code SWELL21 for 10% off.