Prop 65

Consumable products purchased in California may contain the message: “This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm.”

This warning is required by Proposition 65, a California law that says products must be labeled if they potentially contain certain chemicals. Many of these chemicals are widely distributed throughout our environment in air, soil and water, making them common in foods, and consequently, some supplements, even if they aren’t intentionally added.

Proposition 65 standards are among the most strict in the country, and far exceed federal standards for safety. For example, Proposition 65 requires warnings for lead at 0.5 mcg per day—a much stricter amount than standards at the federal and international level.

This warning is simply a precaution, and does not necessarily mean the product is unsafe. Customers are encouraged to reach out to product manufacturers over ingredient concerns related to Proposition 65.