Bath and Body Brush Set

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 This Bath and Body Brush Set Gives You Everything You Need to Help Keep Your Skin Healthy, Smooth and Glowing!

Each of these 4 brushes serve their own purpose to help you detoxify, smooth, exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin.  Use them as part of your daily ritual to always reveal your perfect complexion and support your skin's overall health.

In this complete Bath and Body Brush Set, you get:


  • A Daily Detox Massage Dry Brush
  • A Sisal Dry Brush 
  • A Foot Scrubber


1) The Daily Detox Massage Dry Brush

An exceptional skin preparation tool made for your everyday beauty and skincare routine. 

The Detox Massage Brush's bristles help stimulate your pores which makes it easier for your body to release toxins, hence detox.

The Daily Detox Massage Dry Brush is made of naturally sourced bristles and massaging nodules, that are made to remove dead skin cells and increase blood flow and circulation. This brush is THE GO-TO Body Massage Brush for helping to increase circulation, remove dry skin, and leaving your skin radiant and feeling baby soft!

What We Love about the Daily Detox Massage Brush

  • Removes dry skin
  • Includes detoxifying nodules which help stimulate blood flow and circulation
  • NEVER tested on animals


  1. Use the Daily Detox Massage Brush on dry skin before your shower or bath.
  2. Massage your skin, using the Daily Detox Massage Brush in a circular motion


Do Not Wet Your Daily Detox Massage Brush

Water may compromise the integrity of the bristles and their effectiveness. We recommend that you replace your dry brush every 4-6 months.

Pro Tip

After using the Daily Detox Massage Brush, be sure to moisturize your body with a rich lotion or oil, to restore and hydrate your skin.



Smooth (Safe and gentle for all skin types)
Components/Materials Used: Fabric: Strap: Polyester | Wood: Beechwood | Bristles: 100% Natural | Nodules: Synthetic Rubber

2) The Daily Sisal Body Brush

This brush is your perfect pal to pack a punch in your daily cleansing routine that will help you feel your best in and out the shower.

The Daily Sisal Body Brush is a rigorous textured cleansing tool used for deep exfoliation with a dual effect of dry brushing and wet cleansing made from natural fibers. The handle allows for extended use to get to any hard-to-reach areas on the body.

What we Love About the Daily Sisal Body Brush

  • Rigorous texture for deep exfoliation
  • Made from natural fibers
  • Wet and dry dual usage
  • Organic, vegan, biodegradable, never tested on animals


Use the Daily Sisal Body Brush before and during the shower.  Before the shower use on dry skin to dry brush and exfoliate skin. During the shower apply wet on the body paired with your favorite cleanser for a deep clean. PRO TIPWhen using swipe the Daily Sisal Body Brush in long strokes for best results.CareRinse well with water after each use during the shower and hang to dry with the attached string. If only used before the shower to dry brush, keep dry and simply hang the Daily Sisal Body Brush with the attached string after use. 


3) Daily Dual Foot Scrubber

Get your soles smooth and give yourself the foot spa special treatment with the scrubbing brush.


This two-sided foot scrubber is made to scrub and exfoliate dead skin cells, corns, calluses and rough skin on your feet. The pumice stone is for exfoliating rough skin while the brush is best for cleaning off dead skin and debris. Bring back your smooth confidence with the Daily Dual Foot Scrubber! The wooden handle and loop attached for easy application and storage.


What We Love About The Daily Polishing Foot Scrubber

  • Deep Foot Exfoliation
  • Pumice stone for exfoliating rough skin
  • Brush for cleaning off dead skin
  • Never tested on animals
  • Organic, Biodegradable, Vegan



    Gently apply the Daily Dual Foot Scrubber to your feet on your desired area scrubbing back and forth on the pumice stone side. Apply your favorite foot moisturizing products as desired on the pumice stone and your feet before exfoliating the area for extra soft results. Gently apply in circular motions on the desired area with the brush side until all dead skin is removed.