Got Matcha - RAW EARTH ELIXIR Coffee Replacement

RAW EARTH ELIXIR coffee replacement gives 4-6 hours of brain boosting energy without jitters.  Also includes antioxidant-rich superfoods and healing herbs to support gut and brain health and the immune system. Alkaline (not acidic like coffee and black tea) that energizes the brain, not the heart.  The perfect coffee replacement for a healthy boost of energy. 150 gram bag for 15 servings.

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RAW EARTH ELIXIR coffee replacement is a blend of healing herbs and Superfoods that delivers 4-6 hours of energy without jitters.

  Got Matcha Raw Earth

RAW EARTH ELIXIR - A Healthy Alternative to Coffee

Got Matcha's RAW EARTH ELIXIR is the ultimate superfood healing and energizing blend that can be added to milk and whisked or blended, serving as a perfect replacement to coffee.


Raw Cacao - Energizing and high in antioxidants and minerals

Medicinal Mushrooms (Chaga, Cordyceps and Lions Mane) - Antioxidant-rich, rich in nutrients, anti-inflammatory and supports gut health, brain health and energy.

Organic Ceremonial Black Label Matcha - Rich in L-Theanine which supports brain function, helps manage stress, increases clarity, boosts the immune system and is a great source of energy. Matcha's caffeine releases slowly, over 4-6 hours throughout the body, and stimulates the brain instead of the heart. The caffeine is alkaline instead of acidic (like in coffee and black tea).

Turmeric - Anti-inflammatory and boost immune system.

Organic Chai Herbs - Ayurvedic blend of medicinal herbs that support gut health and immune system.

Monk Fruit - Low glycemic fruit sweetener.

All ingredients are grown in nature, maximizing their nutrient profile and organic ingredients are all Certified Organic, Certified GF and Certified Vegan including the Wild Harvested Mushrooms.

The Chaga is sourced from the forests of Alaska from the Birch Tree, the way nature intended. Chaga is only as nutritious as tree and soil it grows from.  Additionally, the other medicinal mushrooms that we source are grown wild in Oregon, sustainably.

RAW EARTH ELIXIR includes over 1000MG of Chaga, 500MG of Lions Mane, and 500MG of Cordyceps per serving. Serving size is 10g or 1 Tbsp – perfect just as it is, or can be mixed with a plant-based milk and monk fruit for a healthy latte alternative.