Jack Henry Natural Hair Powder / Dry Shampoo / Hair Styling Powder Alcohol and Aerosol-Free

We love this natural Hair Styling Powder that doubles as a dry shampoo. Formulated with only 3 plant-based ingredients that give you the styling control you need without drying out your scalp. Infused with fossilized micro algae, this alcohol and aerosol-free post-styler provides instant thickness and texture with a true matte finish. Certified cruelty-free.

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Jack Henry natural Hair Styling Powder / Dry Shampoo is your key to keeping your hair looking healthy, clean and perfectly styled.

Benefits include:

• Promotes stronger healthier hair
• Assist in hair growth and prevent hair loss
• Cleanses the scalp
• Balances oil production
• Smooths damaged hair

Formulated and bottled in Southern California using organic ingredients and sustainable plastic packaging.

How to use:

Remove the cap by pulling, not twisting. Push the pump all the way down and spray directly into hair. Work the powder from the roots, all the way to the ends. Use as needed to get the desired texture, volume, and hold.


Sustainable packaging:

Jack Henry hair powder comes in a fully recyclable plastic housing.


Complete list of ingredients:

kaolin clay, micro algae, organic arrowroot