Epic Water Pure Pitcher | Removes Fluoride & PFAS

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Presenting the Epic Pure Pitcher: the definitive solution for pristine and invigorating drinking water!

Say goodbye to undesirable heavy metals, trace pharmaceuticals, and PFAS, often referred to as the "Forever Chemical," all courtesy of Epic's state-of-the-art filtration innovation. Indulge in elevated flavor, a feeling of assurance, and a budget-friendly, eco-conscious alternative to bottled water. Embrace the ease of accessing uncontaminated water directly at your fingertips with the Epic Pure Pitcher—an indispensable companion for health-conscious individuals seeking a safer and superior approach to maintaining optimal hydration.

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Filter Details

  • Removes up to 99.9% of tap water contaminants
  • Produces up to 150 gallons of clean water
  • Replaces 1000+ landfill bound plastic bottles
  • Independently certified across the globe in both field and laboratory tests
  • Filter recycle program

Everyday Wellness Essential

Great Tasting Water: Embark on a journey of revitalization, leaving behind the persistent, unwelcome odors that have been a thorn in your drinking experience. Cast away the remnants of chlorine aftertastes that once clung to your sips, and indulge in the pure, invigorating embrace of crisp, flavorful hydration with every sip from your glass.

Safety: Safeguard yourself and those dear to you from potential health hazards by refraining from consuming tainted water. Our filters, rigorously tested by independent authorities, ensure the eradication of detrimental fluoride, PFAS forever chemicals, microplastics, chlorine, heavy metals, and other impurities. This guarantees a secure and dependable hydration source for your loved ones.

Health: Foster a healthier lifestyle by choosing the Pure water pitcher from Epic Water Filters. Not only does it provide clean and purified water, but it also encourages you to reduce your intake of soda and sugary drinks, supporting your hydration goals and overall well-being. Trust in Epic Water Filters to elevate your hydration experience and promote a happier, healthier life for you and your family.


Pitcher Features

Space Efficient Design: Fitting flawlessly on refrigerator shelves and boasting a 10-cup capacity, it's an ideal choice for households.

Filter Life Countdown Timer: Integrated into the lid, an LED timer counts down from 90 days, ensuring you're promptly reminded to replace the filter. Say goodbye to filter guesswork forever.

Intelligent Lid Design: The flip top lid enables effortless one-handed refilling. An integrated pouring barrier within the upper reservoir prevents unfiltered water from spilling during pouring. The convenient flip spout facilitates swift and smooth pouring.

Clear Upper Reservoir: Eliminate all uncertainty regarding the remaining water that needs filtering.

Long Lasting Filter: Each premium quality gravity water filter produces 150 gallons of fresh, contaminant-free drinking water.

Crafted From Medical Grade Tritan: BPA/BPS free construction so you don't have to worry about your dispenser altering your genetic make-up.

Lifetime Warranty: If you are not 100% satisfied with your pitcher for any reason, you may return it for a 100% refund. 

Cost Savings: Purchasing bottled water proves to be costly in the long run and becomes a burdensome task, involving both expenditure of your resources and physical energy, as you transport it from the store. 

Filter Features

Why Choose the Epic Pure Filter?

  • Sub-micron filtration removes up to 99.9% of tap water contaminants including PFAS forever chemical, heavy metals, fluoride, pesticides, and more.
  • The filters are 100% replaceable, 100% recyclable, 100% BPA-free 
  • Tested in multiple labs to remove 200+ different tap water contaminants 
  • Tested against NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 401, and P473 for contaminant reduction
  • Produces up to 150 gallons (568 liters) of clean water
  • Eliminates need to buy bottled water
  • Saves 1000+ plastic bottles going into landfills & oceans
  • Average recommended filter replacement: 3-4 per year

Deliciously Filtered

Embrace the Advantages: Our Pure filter ensures a refreshing, untainted taste by eradicating impurities, contaminants, and chlorine. Enjoy delightful hydration wherever you are. Rejuvenate with confidence, nurturing your body with pristine water that enriches your well-being, creating a refined flavor in every sip.

Discover the Difference: Embracing a consistent 64 ounces (8 glasses) of delightful, filtered water from our nano water pitcher brings forth a spectrum of positive transformations. Enhanced hydration optimizes every bodily system, fostering digestion, amplifying nutrient absorption, and encouraging regularity. Your skin's radiance flourishes with heightened elasticity and diminished dryness. As water maintains body temperature, it nurtures joints and vital organs. Experience sustained vitality, mental acuity, and invigoration as filtered water diminishes weariness, elevates cognitive function, and sharpens focus. Elevate your hydration journey with the invigorating taste of filtered water, effortlessly upholding proper hydration levels throughout your day.

"Our tester’s overall favorite to use, this filter’s design is simple, it has a large reservoir that is easy to access and refill. Replacing filters is also straightforward. The filter removed about 98% of forever chemicals in the drinking water tested." - Independently tested by the Non-profit Environmental Working Group's "EWG's Guide To PFAS Water Filters"

"Amazing filtered water! Recently upgraded from zero water and berkey water to the epic pitcher and this water tastes amazing, filters quickly and is easy to clean and replace the filter. I recommend this filter to everyone I know and can't see myself using any other type of filter." - Michael

Epic for the Earth

Goodbye Single Use Plastics: Each Pure filter eliminates the need to buy 2000+ single use plastic bottles. Enjoy some of the cleanest water on earthing knowing that each sip is contributing to the reduction of single use plastics.

Partnerships: Epic proudly extend our support to environmental non-profits and artists through our custom water bottles. We understand the importance of preserving our planet and fostering creativity, which is why we have partnered with environmental organizations and talented artists to create unique and impactful designs. 

Impact: Epic prioritizes environmentally-friendly materials in thier products. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in our 100% compostable packaging, ensuring minimal impact on the environment. Make a positive impact on our planet by embracing eco-conscious practices. Epic also likes to reuse materials in their warehouse whenever they can to minimize their footprint and give a second purpose to materials that would otherwise end up immediately in landfills.

Giving Back: Epic is passionate about supporting meaningful endeavors. They actively engage with their local community to make a positive impact. Their monthly creek clean-up initiatives aim to prevent waste from reaching the ocean, ensuring the preservation of our precious ecosystem. 


Technical Information

The Pure Pitcher includes one (1) Pure Filter that has an average life of around 3 to 4 months. Filter life varies based on your average daily use and the quality of your municipal or well water. If your tap water is relatively heavily contaminated, your filter works harder to keep your water clean, which will decrease the life of the filter. For comprehensive instructions on how to use the pitcher or dispenser, please visit this https://www.epicwaterfilters.com/pages/pitcher-and-dispenser-filter-info.

Our filters are deliberately designed to operate at a measured pace. This isn't a flaw, but rather an intentional feature grounded in science. Each filter boasts a solid blend of our proprietary media, meticulously crafted to maximize contact time with water. Which could be anywhere between 20 minutes and 1-2 hours. Why is this important? The longer water remains in contact with our filter media, the more efficient and thorough the purification process becomes, ensuring that every drop you consume is of the highest quality.

To keep the filter in optimal condition, we advise maintaining it saturated in water. This not only prevents the media blocks from drying up but also ensures consistent and effective filtration over time. Think of it as allowing a fine wine to breathe, unlocking its fullest potential. Similarly, our filters take their time to provide you with water that's unparalleled in purity and taste.

The bottom reservoir of the Pitcher holds about half a gallon of unfiltered water, and since the filter is good for 150 gallons, you can determine how long it will last depending on how often you fill up!

Product Dimensions: 10" x 6" x 10"
Upper Reservoir: 1.5L (51oz)
Lower Reservoir: 2.0L (68oz)

Light Use (Filling up once or twice a day): change filter every 4-6 months
Normal Use (Filling up twice or three times a day): change filter every 3-4 months
Heavy Use (Filling up more than three times a day): every 2-3 months

Pure Filter & Nano Filter are interchangeable