Double Wood Reishi Mushroom Extract

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Reishi is popular due to its ability to support immune health and to reduce feelings of fatigue.


The benefits of Reishi are attributed to numerous beneficial ingredients including triterpenoids, polysaccharides and peptidoglycans.


Benefits of Clean Mushroom Supplements, Healing Mushrooms and Medicinal Mushrooms

  • SUPPORTS IMMUNE SYSTEM HEALTH - Research has shown Reishi Mushroom is able to support healthy immune function.*
  • PROMOTES FATIGUE TOLERANCE - Multiple studies have found Reishi supplements are able to reduce subjective feelings of fatigue.*
  • POTENT ANTIOXIDANT - Reishi has been shown to exhibit potent antioxidant effects.*


MADE IN THE USA - Reishi Extract is manufactured right here in the USA and is tested for purity and potency.  

Vegan, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO

Third party tested for purity.  


What is Reishi Mushroom Extract?

Reishi Mushroom, also known as Ganoderma lucidum, is a mushroom that grows in hot and humid areas throughout Asia and has been a common staple of Eastern medicine for centuries. In more recent years Reishi has become a popular supplement due to its ability to support immune health and to reduce feelings of fatigue.


Recommended Dosage

For use as a general supplement for fatigue reduction or immune system support we recommend taking a dosage of between 1000 mg to 2000 mg per day (2 -4 capsules) on an empty stomach. We do not recommend exceeding 2000 mg per day.


Reishi Mushroom Extract Side Effects

Reishi Mushroom is safe and well tolerated at normal doses, though side effects are sometimes reported they are more common at dosages over 2000 mg. Side effects of Reishi include dry mouth, upset stomach, itchy skin, and nosebleeds.

Reishi Mushroom does have some mild to moderate interactions with some prescription drugs, so we recommend checking with your physician before using Reishi if you’re on any prescriptions.  

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.