RiseWell Travel Kit

The RiseWell Travel Kit is an essential for quick and longer stays away from home. This 4-piece set is already packed for your next big adventure (or two-week business trip). Contains: Mineral Toothpaste, Balancing Mouthwash, and Scrubby Floss in TSA-friendly sizes. Includes natural canvas tote bag that is easy to clean and fold up.

NOTE: This product cannot be returned for a refund due to potential tampering issues. Limit of 5 per order. Orders for more than 5 will be automatically cancelled.

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Ready for 2-weeks of travel with this perfect RiseWell Travel Kit!

Keep up with your oral care routine with the RiseWell Travel Kit. It has everything you need in TSA-friendly travel sizes to clean, whiten, and strengthen your teeth, while keeping your gums healthy and your breath minty fresh.

What's Included: (travel-size products)

  • Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste
  • Alkalizing Mouthwash
  • Scrubby Floss
  • Natural Canvas Bag

NOTE:  This product cannot be returned for a refund due to potential tampering issues.

What makes this RiseWell oral care special? Hydroxyapatite!

Instead of fluoride they use naturally-derived hydroxyapatite, a mineral that makes up 90% of our tooth enamel and has been proven to strengthen and protect teeth without fluoride. It’s been the gold standard in Japan for over 40 years.

RiseWell oral care products

Because Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring mineral in our teeth and bones, it’s completely harmless if accidentally ingested. And since the rest of our ingredients are also all safe, you have nothing to worry about when using our natural fluoride-free toothpaste morning, noon, or night.

Inhibits the bacteria that causes cavities

When bacteria has no food source, it can’t produce the acids that lead to cavities. And that’s exactly what Xylitol, a naturally occurring alcohol found in most plant material, does in our natural fluoride free toothpaste, and our other products. It starves harmful bacteria of their food source, so they can’t produce the acid that causes cavities.⁣

Freshens breath while protecting your gums and teeth

Made with essential oils like (peppermint and tea tree) and extracts (like cinnamon and echinacea) that not only naturally freshen breath, but have been shown to reduce inflammation, fight bacteria, boost your immune system, and more!



BETTER than expected!

By Kristin D.

I was so surprised by the taste. It is refreshing and feels so clean. I’m very happy with this purchase and have shared with my family. We all like it and will continue to order.


Gentle on the gums

By Amie M.

I figure since I use the toothpaste why not switch to the floss! Taste is nice and it’s been very gentle for even my toddlers gums.


Amazing products!

By Taylor M.

I started using this toothpaste during my switch to cleaner products and help with staining on my teeth after pregnancy, and it has already helped after a month of using it! I love it! It keeps my breathe fresh without the over powering fragrances in other toothpastes.