Therasage Thera360 Plus Personal Portable Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna - White

Get the benefits of full spectrum infrared sauna in the comfort of your own home - Help your body fight inflammation, burn calories (up to 600 calories a session!), increase metabolism and circulation, detoxify, soothe muscle pain, enhance your skin’s appearance, and support a more relaxed state and better sleep.  This is the model in the color WHITE - if you want Black, click here.

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Get the benefits of full spectrum infrared sauna in the comfort of your own home - Help your body fight inflammation, burn calories (up to 600 calories a session!), increase metabolism and circulation, detoxify, soothe muscle pain, enhance your skin’s appearance, and support a more relaxed state and better sleep.  This is the model in the color WHITE - if you want Black, click here.

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Therasage 360 Personal Portable Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna: Your Wellness Sanctuary

Experience the transformational power of heat therapy with the cutting-edge Therasage 360 Personal Portable Infrared Sauna. Designed for those seeking a healthier lifestyle, this personal sauna harnesses the power of full-spectrum infrared technology to detoxify your body, relax your mind, and elevate your wellness, all in the comfort of your own space.


Embrace the Power of Infrared Healing

 Our bodies naturally resonate with infrared heat because it's the same type of heat emitted by the sun, but without harmful UV radiation. Therasage's full spectrum infrared sauna offers a deep, penetrating heat that encourages sweating and detoxification. This therapeutic heat can aid in weight loss, promote skin health, relieve pain and stiffness, improve circulation (supporting cardiac health and detoxification) and heighten overall wellness.


Relish the Convenience of a Portable Sauna Design

 The Therasage 360 infrared sauna is engineered for your convenience. Lightweight and portable, it empowers you to take your sauna sessions wherever you please—be it your living room, bedroom, or even while traveling. The set-up is simple and requires no tools; plug it in and embark on your wellness journey. The dimensions of the Therasage 360 sauna are 70" H x 33" W x 31" D, accommodating users of various sizes comfortably. Easy to fold down and store when not in use for extended times.


Experience Cutting-Edge Features for Enhanced Wellness

 The Therasage 360 is packed with advanced features for a heightened wellness experience. The easy-to-use digital controller allows for precise adjustment of heat and time settings, while the spacious interior provides a relaxing atmosphere. You can leave your arms in the cabin, or allow your hands to be free for the benefits of reading, having a cold drink, or operating a TV remote.


Embrace Eco-Friendly and Safe Sauna Sessions

 Safety and sustainability are at the heart of the Therasage 360 design. The sauna has minimal off-gassing of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and emits low EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields), ensuring a safe environment for your sauna sessions. It's built from eco-friendly materials, promoting wellness while preserving our planet.


Enjoy the Self-Cleaning Advantage

 The Therasage 360 Personal Portable Infrared Sauna also provides an added convenience with its self-cleaning feature. The infrared exposure inherently disinfects and cleans the interior, minimizing the need for regular maintenance and allowing more time for relaxation and rejuvenation.


The Therasage 360 Personal Portable Infrared Sauna Includes:

  • Full-spectrum infrared, enhanced near and red light
  • Advanced EMF Remediation for low exposure to Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF), Extremely Low Frequency (ELF), Radio Frequency (RF)
  • 98% Emissivity, non-toxic and non-off-gassing
  • Natural Tourmaline Stones for maximum heat transfer and negative Ion release
  • Advanced Earthing Technology for polarity balancing and grounding
  • Temperature-controlled, 100 to 170F easy to Use LED Controller and 90-minute extended timer
  • Folding bamboo chair plus infrared bamboo foot pad
  • Oversized, black, soft fold-up, non-toxic, no VOC, cabin (available in white here)
  • Extra zip-out terry cloth collar
  • Quick and easy set-up and take down
  • Convenient carrying case with 12’ extra long power cord
  • Box dimensions: 42”L x 8”W x 32H"
  • Sauna set-up dimensions: 33"W x 33"L x 46"H
  • 900 watts and 120V so it it works with a standard outlet
  • Shipping Weight: 33 lbs, Actual Weight: 24 lbs
  • Meets International standards for electromagnetic compatibility, electrical standards, and low voltage directives.
  • This product is manufactured in a quality inspected facility, internationally certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) as to compliance with ISO9001 Management System Practices.  Tested for Bio Compatibility and material toxicity.
  • Two-Year Full Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Is this the same sauna I would get if I ordered directly from Therasage?

Answer: Yes, we are an authorized partner.  In fact, the sauna is shipped to you directly from Therasage.


Question:  Will Therasage honor their manufacturer warranty of 2 years on this sauna?

Answer:  Yes, the warranty is valid for the saunas we sell.


  • If you have high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, or another serious health condition, or are not feeling well, make sure to check with your doctor
  • Pregnant women should always check with your doctor prior to using a sauna
  • With high temperatures, it’s extremely easy to become dehydrated, especially if you have any kidney issues. It’s very important to avoid the sauna if you are dehydrated.
  • Elevated temperatures can temporarily reduce sperm count. Keep this in mind if you and your significant other are trying to conceive.
  • Children of all ages should be supervised and check with your doctor before allowing them to use.


Invest in the Therasage 360 Personal Portable Infrared Sauna and Enjoy Numerous Health Benefits 

Indulge in the transformative benefits of heat therapy with the Therasage 360 Personal Portable Infrared Sauna. Specifically designed for health enthusiasts, this personal sauna blends the efficacy of full-spectrum infrared technology with the convenience of portability. Immerse yourself in a relaxing, wellness-enhancing experience—detoxifying your body, rejuvenating your mind, and supporting your cardiac health, all within the privacy of your own space.


This is up to you, however we can warn up a bit in the sauna before a workout to avoid injuries and then use the sauna after the workout to detox the lactic acid from your muscles, help your body repair, and enhance the benefits of your workout.
Therasage doesn’t recommend eating immediately before or after the sauna, but use your judgement and listen to your body.
During your session, you will raise your body temperature to fight infections, impurities and remove toxins through sweat. With that being said, showering immediately after a sauna session will bring your body temperature back to room temperature rapidly and thus shorten the immune enhancement benefits of the sauna. However, do what feels most comfortable for you and fits into your day - lifestyle. A cold shower after will aid in decreasing inflammation. If you feel like you’re coming down with something then don’t shower right away to keep your immune enhancement and heat shock proteins active, if you’re doing a parasite cleanse or protocol to kill parasites or microbes, Therasage recommends to follow that same recommendation.
If you are doing a cold shower to “shock” your system after a sauna you can take the shower immediately for the best effect. Cold showers are not required or generally recommended, but for specific protocols you may wish to take a cold shower to emulate a “cold plunge”.
Yes, Therasage has many customers who have a pacemaker and safely use the sauna. Just start low and slow (low temp and short time) to begin which and very slowly work your way up.
Therasage does not say your head has to be out, however, their format is with your head out and there are several key benefits for having your head out, such as:
  • There are protocols (hyperthermia) - you won’t have to worry about over heating brain cells.
  • People with any metal in mouth (including silver fillings) we recommend not having head inside.
  • You avoid breathing in your personal off gassing while detoxing.
  • For many, there are a lot of comfort benefits.
You certainly can sit inside, that's your choice. Therasage just wants to recommend not too long at a high temp (keep it under 130 degrees) and less than 30 mins. You should know that whether your head is inside or not you are getting total body and brain benefits. Scientific concepts of diffusion shows that when you pull toxins from organs and tissues it includes the pull of toxins from the brain.
Some possible signs of a detox reaction while using sauna include dehydration, flu-like symptoms, decreased blood pressure, headache, dizziness or stomachache. This may occur because the infrared sauna increases the temperature inside the body where traditional saunas use heat to increase the temperature outside of the body.
Ways to help avoid a detox reaction while using infrared sauna are to drink plenty of water (8-10oz) before and after your session, use for a shorter amount of time and lower temperature. Do not take blood pressure medication, drink alcohol or preheat infrared sauna prior to session.
Depending on the type of material the jewelry is made of, it can heat up under the high temperatures causing it to become hot and possibly cause burns to the skin. These items should be removed before using sauna.
Traditional saunas heat the air around you. An infrared sauna heats your body directly without warming the air around you.
Yes, you can use the sauna before bed as infrared promotes secretion of melatonin in the brain sending a signal to the body that it is time to sleep. You should still drink 6-8oz of water before and after the session, decrease the temperature to 110-115 degrees Fahrenheit and only stay in for 10-15 minutes.
No, you do not have to wait for sauna to cool down between sessions if there are multiple users. You may use an essential oil spray in between uses if you would like.