Under Luna Deep Magic Hair + Scalp Serum

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Under Luna Deep Magic Hair + Scalp Serum for Lustrous Hair

Unlock the secret to lustrous, radiant hair with Under Luna's silky Deep Magic Hair + Scalp Serum. Formerly known as Ancient Remedy Hair + Scalp Oil, it now boasts a new name and aromatic blend of ylang ylang + orange, creating an exotic, deep floral scent combined with uplifting fresh orange notes.

Key Benefits

This serum is infused with healing, hydrating, revitalizing, and strengthening herbs, making it your go-to solution for all your hair care needs. Here's why it's truly magical:

  • Scalp Treatment: Helps heal dandruff or dry scalp and can be used as an overnight treatment for deep nourishment.

  • Encourages Growth and Strengthens Hair: Packed with saw palmetto berries, known for their ability to promote hair growth and strengthen hair follicles.

  • Anti-Frizz Serum: Tames unruly frizz and flyaways, leaving your hair smooth and manageable.

  • Texturizer: Adds texture and definition to your hair with just a small amount. Simply apply and gently scrunch for effortless waves.

  • Heat Protectant: Shields your hair from heat damage when applied to the ends before styling.

Key Ingredients

  • Saw Palmetto Berries: Heal hair loss and scalp issues like dandruff, contributing to stronger and healthier hair.

  • Organic Yarrow Flowers: Possess antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, promoting scalp health.

  • Organic Golden Jojoba Oil: Moisturizes and nurtures hair, aiding in growth and vitality.

How to Use

  • For the Scalp: Apply directly to the scalp before showering or as an overnight treatment. Massage into the scalp and leave for 10-15 minutes before shampooing and conditioning.

  • For Daily Use: Rub a small amount between your hands and apply to damp hair ends for hydration and nourishment.

  • For Texture: Apply a small amount to dry hair ends, scrunching gently for enhanced curls or waves.

Aromas: Exquisite blend of ylang ylang + orange for a captivating sensory experience.

Experience the magic of Deep Magic Hair + Scalp Serum and transform your hair care routine forever.



Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Yarrow, Wildcrafted Saw Palmetto, Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil